Celebrating 25 Years of Service

The special relationship between humans and dogs began tens of thousands of years ago when dogs became the first domesticated animal. Since then, they have remained loyally by our sides, partners in so many ways.

Fast forward a few thousand years to 1991…Inspired by this inextricable bond and the effect one of their dogs, Chenny, had on assisted living residents, Ann Rohlen and Cathy Lawler founded Chenny Troupe, which is now Canine Therapy Corps (CTC). Ann and Cathy saw an opportunity to motivate people to improve their conditions. They knew dogs could do more than simply visit and comfort. Rather, their trailblazing vision foresaw dogs as a conduit for therapeutic progress. Even today, CTC’s programming is unique – our dogs don’t just help people feel better; they help them get better.     
On December 18, 2016, Canine Therapy Corps will celebrate 25 years delivering goal-directed, interactive, canine-assisted therapy     

During that time, we have proudly served an estimated 75,000 people. Thanks to our generous volunteers, incredible therapy dogs, knowledgeable program leaders, and open-minded facility partners, the hearts and souls of our organization, for allowing us to achieve that level of service. Along with our donors, they are the reason we now serve approximately 6,000 individuals per year – people with painful physical disabilities and debilitating conditions, veterans persevering over mental health issues, at-risk youth, children with autism, and those recovering from sexual abuse, among others.     
Today, we continue to blaze new trails. In 2013, we hired professionals to lead and manage our programs. This departure from our previous volunteer leadership model elevated our services by better educating volunteer teams who work directly with participants. It was a game-changing moment in our organization’s history, which reinforces an already strong commitment to pursuing individuals’ therapeutic goals.     
In addition to honoring our history, we are also looking to the future. We will boldly explore new ways to heal, educate, and soothe those who need our help. We have high ambitions for what we can accomplish in the next 25 years. Whether empowering new populations or implementing new program or service models, we will press on with the same pioneering mindset that is central to our culture.

Canine Therapy Corps’ 25th anniversary fundraising goal is $25,000. Please give today. We know you value our services, and we need your support. Without your gifts, people will not receive the services our therapy dog teams so skillfully provide. Your sustaining, year-end gift will help us further our legacy of healing bodies, minds, and hearts. Also, please consider a recurring donation that will help us throughout the year, and check with your employer to see if they have a matching program, which could double your gift!     
Be part of our anniversary celebration. Follow CTC’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and look for #CTC25for25. From November 14 to December 18, we will be featuring “25 Moments from 25 Years.”     
Cheers to and thank you for 25 amazing years,     

Callandre A. Cozzolino, JD, CPDT-KA
Executive Director