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Overcoming Fears

The first time we saw Rou, we were so nervous, and our daughter was so scared.  But, we quickly learned that Rou is a very good dog, and that we’d be able to take things at our daughter’s pace, working our way up as she became more confident.  During that first session, Rou was in a different room behind a glass wall. He alternated between lying down quietly and performing some tricks.  My daughter could see him, but the glass barrier made her feel safer.  At first, we’d just have her walk past the glass. Then, we worked up to her staying near the glass for longer and longer periods of time, and eventually, we got rid of the barrier altogether. My daughter is a big fan of the movie Frozen. So, to help extend the amount of time she was near Rou, he would hold signs in his mouth with quotes and characters from the movie on them.  As my daughter read the signs, she’d get closer and stay closer to him without even realizing it.  

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