Canine Therapy Corps, Inc. empowers and motivates individuals to improve their physical and psychological health and well being by harnessing the human-animal bond; provides goal-directed, interactive animal-assisted therapy services free of charge using volunteers and certified therapy dogs; and advances animal-assisted interventions through research and collaboration.

Since 1991, Canine Therapy Corps’ volunteers and certified therapy dogs have been serving the Chicago metropolitan area, working with health care, education, and social services professionals and helping people recover from physical and emotional trauma. Canine Therapy Corps customizes and tailors our programs to meet the therapeutic objectives of the special needs population served. Programs are goal-directed and interactive, so working with a Canine Therapy Corps dog is an integral part of each client’s recovery.

The foundation of Canine Therapy Corps &  successful animal-assisted therapy (AAT) programs is the strength of the human-animal bond,which encourages and empowers individuals facing and overcoming personal challenges. The continuous and immediate positive feedback provided in animal-assisted therapy sessions catalyzes the motivation necessary to persevere during difficult or painful therapy. In addition, working as a team benefits the volunteers. Sharing their love and compassion, working together, and serving the community deepens the bond between the handler and his or her dog.