Is your dog child-friendly, respectful, reliable and under verbal control? Are you community-minded and empathetic and do you have time to volunteer once a week? If you and your dog answer yes, please complete our volunteer application below.

Don't have a dog, but still want to help? Have a dog, but don't think he or she is a likely candidate? There are still ways you can help. We need assistance with certification tests, fundraising, and administrative support. Please complete the volunteer application below and let us know what your special talents and interests are.

If you'd rather print out an application and send it via US Mail instead, you may download it here.

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Please note that current volunteer opportunities are limited to Chicago, IL and Park Ridge, IL.
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Part Two - Tell Us About Your Dog (Skip this if you did not select "Certify and volunteer with my dog")
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Dog's Birth Date
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Behavior Questions
What was the date of your last training session?
What was the date of your last training session?
If you do not know the exact date, please estimate.
If you check this option, we will send you instructions on how to register for an upcoming certification test session. A $50 fee, volunteer application with signed release statement, and reservation form are required to secure your spot on our waiting list. Once we have received these items, you will receive confirmation that we have added you to our waiting list. Certification sessions fill up quickly, so you are encouraged to send in the required documents as early as possible.