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Thank you for your interest in partnering with Canine Therapy Corps for an outreach event!  Outreach events are a great way for us to connect with the community and expose therapy dogs to populations who might not have access to one of our regularly scheduled goal-directed programs.  

Outreach events are one-time events in which we provide a group of therapy dogs to visit with individuals experiencing high levels of stress or anxiety. Events may also focus on community building for isolated populations.  Typically, 1-5 dog teams will attend, depending on the size of crowd and type of event.  These events are centered around animal-assisted activities (also known as visitation), which are informal visitations devoted to quality of life elements such as comfort, entertainment, and friendship.  Individuals typically pet and snuggle with our dogs and see some of our dogs’ amazing tricks and skills.

Because we receive far more requests for outreach events than we can possibly accommodate, Canine Therapy Corps must carefully evaluate all requests.  To help us evaluate whether or not your event will be a good fit for our organization, please take a moment to fill out the below questions. If your event is selected to move forward, you will also be asked to complete a more thorough form with additional details.


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